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4 Ways to Minimize Financial Anxiety

If you have woken up in the middle of the night to a money-related panic attack, do not worry - you are not alone. It is natural for us to worry about our financial situation as it dictates so many facets of our everyday life. Nevertheless, financial stress is a big deal and needs to be addressed.

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Best Money Saving Mobile Apps for Canadians

Whether I am busy at work or simply relaxing at home, the one thing that is always by my side is my phone. This is hardly out of the ordinary; over 30 million Canadians currently own a cell phone1. Our handheld devices are now the primary method of communicating with others, entertainment, planning our schedules, and even dealing with our bills.

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Smart Financial Planning for Parents

Smart Financial Planning for Parents

If managing money is one of the hallmarks of being an adult, a lot of us are falling short. According to CNBC, more than one-third of all Americans do not have any kind of financial plan, which includes retirement and preparation for any kind of financial emergency. What’s more, we carry too much consumer debt.

How to Pay Off Your Debt

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room that gets swept under the rug all too often when discussing our finances: personal debt. Our bills for borrowing can suddenly rack up as we establish new lines of credit and loans. A 2017 poll conducted by Ipsos noted that Canadians with any amount of debt averaged $15,473 of consumer debt1.

How to Make Passive Income

Human beings spend on average 229,961 hours in our lifetime fast asleep. Imagine how much money we could have made with all of this time at our disposal!

7 Habits to become a Millionaire

The thought of being a millionaire feels like a distant, unattainable dream. The lingering self-doubt within the majority of us assumes those that are rich surely must be smarter than the rest of us regular folks, right? Well, that is not always the case.


As you reach the back stretch of your professional career, retirement savings will jump to the forefront of your mind. You want security - a guarantee that you will be covered long after you have stopped working - and stability. Annuities offer just this, yet they remain the most underutilized retirement product in Canada today.

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