What is a Private Health Services Plan?

Whether you are a sole proprietor, small business, or incorporated company, with the Benecaid® PHSP you can offer your employees a comprehensive, non-taxable medical benefits package -- and deduct 100% of the resulting expenses from your business income.

How does it work?

Your company contracts with Benecaid®, the PHSP administrator, to pay tax-deductible expenses not covered by basic health and dental group insurance plans.

The reimbursement process is simple and painless:

  1. The covered plan member pays the medical expenses completely up-front.
  2. The member presents the original receipt(s) and claim form to the plan administrator who then submits it to Benecaid®
  3. Benecaid® then invoices the corporation for the full amount of the expense, plus 10% administration fee, and applicable taxes.
  4. Once the corporation pays the invoice, the provider then reimburses the employee/plan member 100% of the expense.

Some different conditions apply to unincorporated and incorporated businesses. The following chart summarizes them.


Item Unincorporated Incorporated
Flat rate
% of income  
Per family memeber  



Item Unincorporated Incorporated
Ex[emses" deductible
Travel required  
Insurance Cycke Jan 1 to Dec 31
(may be proprated)
365 days from anniversary of effective date

Click here for important information for unincorporated businesses.

What are the advantages?

Expenses paid through a PHSP are 100% tax-deductible to the corporation.
Employees enjoy a tax-free benefit.
Out-of-pocket medical costs are turned into tax-deductible corporate expenses.
Provides additional coverage for employees.

Benecaid® HSA PDF